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Here's why:-

How Baby Mattresses Are Made

The choice of foam a manufacturer decides on is often dictated by:-

1) The minimum required to conform to British Standards

2) The pressure of getting to a price point

3) Put comfort, performance and durability as a priority."

Here is how foam rating works in sprung and pocket sprung baby mattresses:- 

The 6 cm deep springs in a cot mattresses are covered by a top and bottom layer of only 2 cm deep foam. Therefore 6 cm deep springs, 2 layers of 2 cm foam gives a total depth of 10 cm.

This 2 cm layer of foam has the pressure of the weight of a baby from above and the pressure from the springs below. Also be aware foam does not like heat, weight and damp which is what a baby is! Consequently all these things contribute to weakening the foam and making it dip or dent. A 2 cm cheap layer of foam will not give the best support for your baby!  However it may pass the British Standard and it will certainly hit a price point.

It Is All About The Quality Of The Foam

Currently the foam used to cover cot mattress springs by the best chains stores, department stores and some internet companies is 24/130 or equivalent quality, it passes the British Standard.

24/130 -The first number "24" is the weight of the foam per kilo and indicates the density or the foam and this affects the durability. 

The second number "130" is the amount of pressure in Newtons it takes to compress the foam to 40% of its size. This measurement is called Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) and this assess the firmness or the feel of foam and how it yields to weight and pressure.

Our NightyNite® baby mattresses use 30/150 foam this is a huge step up in durability, support and comfort. Our sprung and pocket sprung mattresses are unlikely to dip or sink.

Your baby will be using a cot mattress for over 9000 hours and a cot bed mattress for up to 20000 hours,  For every second they are  sleeping on a superior quality mattress  they will enjoy a more comfortable sleep. 

For the past 15 years we have also made a pocket sprung mattress called the "Nightynite® Excellence Easychange®" this is made with 50/215 foam. We guarantee The Excellence cot mattress for 5 years against dipping or sinking. Nobody in the UK comes close to producing a mattress that offers more in the way of;- comfort, safety, breathability, temperature control, hygiene, durability, waterproof protection. This is a genuine toddler mattress. 

One family of four who live in a small cottage have had our Excellence cot mattresses on test for over 6 years now,  eldest is 9 years old. Latest feedback "as good as new. all sleeping  on these cot mattresses, and they are easy to maintain with easychange toppers and waterproof protection. "

We also lead the baby mattress market with our Easychange® design.  Zip off interchangeable machine washable toppers in either microfibre or Coolmax with Maxispace, secured on award winning waterproof protective base cover

As the world changes with increased concern over the environment, recycling and landfill. There is now a move away from plastics, however if we have to use them, then we can use them in a more sustainable way.

Here at The Cot Mattress Company we too are doing our best to help reduce landfill by offering natural products that biodegrade  and also by increasing the life of  a cot mattresses so they can be as good as new for at least 5-7 years instead of 6 - 12 months.

A Higher Quality Foam

For many years the marketing advice has been  “New Baby New Mattress”. This was mainly because used cot mattresses dipped or dented and soiled easily, There was also a theory that urine reacted with  foam and gave off a toxic gas and it made an old baby mattress risky to use. 

With advancements in technology Nightynite® cot mattresses are made from a much higher grade of foam to encapsulate the springs,

Nightynite®Cot Mattresses will give continued support (blue top foam) and will not dent. Coupled with this your cot mattress has washable  breathable covers and waterproof protection. Your mattress will maintain its new look for many years and you can use it with confidence.

NightyNite® baby mattresses are more comfortable, hygienic, supportive, durable, and breathable. Yes, there is a small increase in cost to use higher quality components, (perhaps a penny a day), but considering your baby will use a cot for 9000 hours and a cot bed for 20.000 hours - it's well worth the investment for a more comfortable, safer nights sleep.  

Fibre Made From  Recycled Plastic Bottles

 The Fibre in our mattresses is made from recycled plastic bottles. The quality of fibre has recently improved to such an extent that we can confidently offer a superb quality Eco fibre baby mattress, with pocket springs, lambswool and our Easychange® covers.

N.B. You  will  see ordinary fibre cot mattresses on sale for around £30,  This is a  low density fibre, maybe acceptable for occasional use, but will not offer comfortable durable support. 

Coir and Lambswool

A natural cot, Moses or crib mattress made from high quality components with or without the addition of pocket springs.

Cardboard Boxes

In 2013 we ceased using very heavy-duty plastic wrap for outer coverings to deliver  baby mattresses to our customers. All our cot mattresses are now delivered to you box packed using recyclable cardboard.

Feedback from parents that have bought the Easychange:- Mums and dads "Why buy any other baby mattress" .................and the grandparents say "we could have done with a  baby mattress like that when our were born.

The 1980's message was "New Baby New Mattress" In 2019 Our planets resources - landfill - recycling - biodegradable - Is it time for a rethink?

The reason you buy a new mattress for a new baby is to ensure that it is clean, hygienic, and will offer good support and comfort. If you could be absolutely assured that the cot mattress you have would be perfect for your next baby wold you still buy another?  knowing you are throwing a perfectly good mattress to landfill. 

There has been  huge amount  written on this subject over the years and below are some links to some persuasive reading  but also consider this:-

You should NOT use a mattress for a second or third child if :-

1) You do not know its history, how it was looked after and how it has been maintained and cleaned.

2) If the Mattress does not have washable covers and the core is not protected.

3) If the mattress has the slightest dip or dent, - not supportive.

4) If the mattress is yours and you stored it in the loft  and did you seal it in a plastic bag and it is not thoroughly washable, and does not have protection to the core.

You can use a mattress for another child if :-

1) You know its history and how well it was looked after.

2) The mattress has a protector (wipe clean and or washable) that will prevent body fluids getting to the core (foam or springs) and the protector sits under the cover and over the foam.

3) The covers have been washed regularly at 60°c the temperature required to kill dust mites.

4 ) The mattress has no visible dents or dips has been well maintained and turned frequently

5) The mattress has been stored clean and sealed in a plastic. All covers being machine washable at 60°c  and /or protective base cover wiped clean with an anti-bacterial cleaner like Milton.

NB. As foam ages it Oxidises, goes yellow, this is perfectly normal and does not affect the performance of the foam in any way whatsoever.