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The last 20 years have seen us passionately devoted to producing the best possible baby mattresses using the highest quality components and along with innovative design techniques have ensured our mattresses always offer the following benefits:-
Durability, Comfort, Safety, Support. Hygiene, Waterproof Protection, Breathability. Temperature Control,  5 year guarantee, unsurpassed product knowledge and customer support helpline : 01299 823223

Only the best for your baby?   See the EASYCHANGE video below.

NightyNite® Cot Mattresses

Cot Mattresses
Cot Mattresses - Easychange Toppers

NightyNite® Next to Me and Swinging Crib Mattresses

Crib Mattresses
NightyNIte® baby mattress in foam, springs or lambswool

NightyNite® Moses Basket Mattresses

Moses Basket Mattresses
NightyNIte®Moses basket mattress.  - foam, or natural with coir and lambswool

NightyNite® Travel Cot Mattresses

Travel Cot Mattresses
NightyNite® travel cot mattresses

Nightynite® Foam-Free Cot Mattresses

Natural Cot, Crib and Moses Basket Mattresses
Natural cot, crib and Moses basket mattresses

Baby mattress buying guide

The Best Mattress For Your Baby

Every day newborn babies sleep for an average of 16 hours and children of 3-5 years for an average of 11-13 hours. Babies and young children spend more than half of the first five years of life in a sleep environment. It's also the one place where they are most commonly left unattended for long periods of time.

The minimum your baby mattress should offer is safety, comfort, support, easy cleaning, hygiene, durability, waterproof protection, breathability and more than compliance with British Standards. 
There are other features and benefits that are your personal choice:-
Natural, coir and lambswool,  foam free, pocket springs, spare Covers, (one for the wash).

How long do you want your cot mattress to last? 
More than one baby or 4/5 years in a cot bed or maybe occasional use at the grandparents?

Your personal needs all go into the decision pot and out the other end comes a cot mattress you can rely on for your new, precious addition to the family.

Your buying decision may also be influenced by your concern for our planet's depleting resources, your  enthusiasm for recycling and your belief in the need for biodegradable components. 

We are confident our product descriptions and advice pages will give you everything you need to help you select the perfect mattress for you and your baby.

If you need any further information please phone our Helpline on 01299 823223

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We make the highest quality products, made for your baby, made to last.