Moses Basket Mattresses 66 x 28 cm

66 x 28 cm  Moses Basket Mattresses

Your baby is likely to spend around 1000 hours in a Moses basket.

Interestingly, most of the manufacturing costs for Moses baskets are attributed to the design and dressings, leaving only a small amount for a poor quality mattress.

With our Nightynite® Moses Basket mattresses, you can be confident that you are providing your baby with a safe, comfortable, supportive, and hygienic environment.

You  have the option to choose between  foam or natural coir and lambswool for the base.
Additionally, you can select from a range of Covers, including Natural Outlux, Microfibre, or Coolmax© & Maxispace.

All of our mattresses come with waterproof protection to ensure durability and easy maintenance.

Moses Basket Mattreses - Full Range of Sizes

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