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 Nightynite® Travel Cot Mattresses - Waterproof protection

  • Class A CMHR28 Foam, 5 cm thick
  • Good support to head, back and legs.
  • Excellent breathability because the microfibre cover sits over the Separate waterproof liner
  • Waterproof liner protector fitted under the cover to protect the foam core this liner is easy wipe clean
  • Removable & machine washable  microfibre cover washable at 60°c
  • Cover made from Soft & luxurious microfibre fabric
  • Mattress can be rolled for travel more comfortable than having it in two halves with a break in the middle

    Did you know this about travel cot mattresses?

    When you buy a travel cot you will probably not be happy about the mattress that is supplied with the travel cot. You  may will feel it is like a brick and looks very uncomfortable for your baby.

    The fact is the Travel cot would not pass a British Standard if it was supplied with a deep mattress. It would be considered as a hand or foot trap between the soft side of the travel cot and the firm side of the mattress.

    So we are looking for a balance here to improve the comfort of your travel cot mattress and keep you little one safe.

    At the most a 4 of 5 cm mattress would be safest to lay over the existing travel cot mattress, definitely do not consider anything 7 cm or more that would be risky. too much of a trap especially if your child pulls themselves up and gets a foot between the deep side of a travel cot mattress and the soft side of the travel cot 

    It is also vital to ensure your mattress has waterproof protection to the core and a removable washable padded cover. A cover that can be washed at 60°c the temperature require to kill dust mites.

    Avoid having the waterproof protection over the top of the cover if you can. Putting a waterproof cover over the top of the mattress with reduce the breathability. better to between the cover and the mattress core. Also it is a plus if the waterproof protection is easy wipe clean