Natural Waterproof Cot Mattress Protectors - Advice

Natural, Waterproof, 100% Breathable Cot Mattress Protectors - They do not  exist?

 The truth, regardless how companies will dress this up there is NO such product that will give you totally natural waterproof protection and be 100% breathable . 

It is easy to make a natural base from coir and lambswool or if you call metal natural then  make it from coir and lambswool and pocket springs

Yes you will see adverts for 100% organic cover, with Oeko-Tex Class 1 (Baby) waterproof membrane  - The membrane is not 100% breathable NOR is totally natural it will have some form of petroleum PTFE or PU. 

Instead of petroleum you can make a cot mattress protector out of natural rubber -  All the ones we tested were pretty horrid and anyway none of them were breathable.    

Your choice of covers is a balance:-

Between Natural, fully breathable and waterproof but there is No fabric available for a cot mattress that will give you all three! 

A 100% natural fabric like cotton Will be breathable but will NOT be waterproof. 100% cotton it is not a sensible fabric for a baby mattress! Companies that sell these mattresses will say in small print this mattress needs a waterproof cover.

Outlux is 92% cotton has a thin layer of PU in the middle of two layers of cotton to make it waterproof. It does look and feel like a totally cotton fabric as the waterproof membrane is sandwiched in the middle of the fabric, but it is NOT totally breathable.

However this gets you as near to a natural waterproof fabric as possible.

If you are going to use this fabric, buy a cot mattress with this fabric Already  included as part of  the cot mattress cover.

It is pretty pointless buying a 100% natural mattress with a 100% cotton cover that will not be waterproof and then having to buy a waterproof cover to put on top to protect it - waste of money! Be wise!

You can protect your natural foam free coir and lambswool base with EasyChange® washable toppers.

Night-time accidents - just to zip off the wet topper and zip on the clean dry one - very practical.
 The Easychange system is waterproof and fully breathable but NOT 100% natural.

NB: The sheet that your baby sleeps on can of course be 100% cotton that is both natural and breathable  
Are your priorities  totally breathability, temperature control and  waterproof to protect the base cover?
An Easychange design is perfect for the night- time accidents if  you are prepared to give up on the total natural cover.

Or you want to get as close to 100% natural as you can  (92%) but you will give up on the total breathability and temperature control. 

 it is  indeed a Catch 22 situation but you can now make an informed choice. 

 You have of course taken out most of the enemy (foam) by choosing natural  coir and lambswool, or coir, lambswool and pocket springs.

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