Best Cot Mattress

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Calls to our helpline cover a multitude of topics as we have a massive range of baby mattresses.  We are often asked  "If it was for your baby what cot mattress would you buy?"  

Our Reply:- 
For over  20 years we have been at the forefront of cot mattress  development. We are driven by a passion to manufacture the best baby mattresses possible. It is not in our credo to compromise on quality in order to reach a cheap price point.  

We would always  choose :-

The Nightynite® Easychange® Dependable Cot Mattress, With Coolmax & Maxispace Toppers    

 "The Dependable "firm and  foam free.  When foam is new, it needs airing. it has a chemical smell, foam has chemical fire retardants added to it.  The Dependable is foam free. the base is coir and wool.

Comfort and Support

"The Dependable" is much more comfortable with pocket springs encapsulated in the  coir than a solid block of coir. It is highly durable and supportive. 

"The Dependable" has a double  layer of lambswool on each side. Offering your baby an iniial welcoming lie  then the firm support 

 Hygiene and Breathability

"The Dependable"  has a waterproof protective cover around the mattress core protecting the coir and lambswool and pocket springs. This protective cover can be  wiped clean (using an antibacterial spray like Milton),  it can also be removed for washing.  should any body fluids get past the zip on topper 

 Coolmax© and Maxispace toppers are the perfect sleep surface. The toppers  zip on to the waterproof protective base cover.  The topper offers maximum breathability and temperature control.

You also get a spare zip on topper, (one for the wash). A godsend for those "3am  incidents " Just unzip the soiled topper pop it in the wash and zip on the clean one 

N.B You do not need to buy any further waterproof protection.
Please do not cover the Coolmax© and Maxispace  breathable temperture control  toppers with a waterproof cover.

Durability and  Five Year Guarantee
 Every component in The Dependable is of high quality, It will not dip nor dent and it is guaranteed for five years.  it is easy for you to turn your mattress you just remove the base cover flip the mattress and zip the base cover back on 

Foam is not recyclable, when it goes to landfill it takes a hundreds of thousands of years to biodegrade.
With "The Dependable" cot mattress the coir can go to compost,  the wool biodegrades in 6 months , the metal springs are easily recycled. or they rust in landfill. 
Compare all these features and benefits with any other cot mattress in the UK.  "The Dependable" has no rival.  It is the best value for money, works out approximately 7 pence a day for "The Best Your Baby Can Get".

The Nightynite® Easychange® Dependable Cot Mattress, With Coolmax & Maxispace Toppers