What you need to know about Moses Basket Mattresses

The Majority of  New Moses baskets are sold with the cheapest poorest quality mattress in them!

For some reason It is the design and price that sells the Moses basket!   Look at the Moses Basket adverts none mention a lovely mattress to support your baby offering waterproof protection and breathability. hygiene etc.

The main features you are looking for in a Moses basket mattress are support, comfort, easy to wash, keep hygienic. It would be a plus if the mattress was breathable yet waterproof. If you are concerned about the environment perhaps look at a natural product.

Your precious new arrival will of course appreciate the lovely design of the new Moses Basket but less happy with the wafer thin bit of fibre or foam to lie on for their first 1500 hours in this new world

If you are replacing the mattress in the Moses Basket lets look at the individual features you require:-
A good quality foam base 3 or 4 cm deep made from a minimum quality 28  CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilient) foam.

Do not buy fibre. The only fibre that is acceptable is the new high density fibre and nobody will put that in a Moses basket mattress.

Instead of foam you could go natural coir and lambswool, made properly this base will offer more support and comfort,  natural mattresses are generally 5 cm deep. 

So we have our base and now we think about  the covers.  We want waterproof protection, comfort breathability and a cover easy to remove and wash and even a spare cover.

The waterproof protection you can have under the cover or over the top of it.

 If you have  the wipe clean waterproof protection  over the top of the cover your baby is lying on a fabric which is not fully breathable it cannot be if it is waterproof.

If you put the waterproof protection under the cover then your baby is lying on a a breathable cover.

Should any body fluids go through the cover they will stop at the wipe clean protector. Then you can just put the cover in the wash  or  replace it with a spare if you have purchased one.

This also applies to a natural base or a foam base.

 If you buy a natural mattress you might like to keep the mattress as natural as possible. 

No Fabric exists that is natural and waterproof and wipe clean. There is a fabric that is  93%  natural  cotton and has 7% of PU sandwiched in the middle to make it waterproof it is called Outlux . It feels like a  soft cotton fabric but it is not breathable nor easy wipe clean>but it is washable at 60°c.

Sorry but you cant have everything;- you can have breathable wipe clean and waterproof  but not  100% natural or 93% natural waterproof but not easy wipe clean. 

  lots more information here for you or you may phone our helpline on 01299 823223


Now you are a Moses basket mattress expert. You have the expertise to secure the best safest most comfortable supportive mattress for you and your baby's first 1500 hours sleep