Blue Top Foam

How Baby Mattresses Are Made

The choice of foam and springs a manufacturer decides on is always dictated by one of the following:-

1) The minimum they can get away with to conform to British Standards

2) The pressure of getting to the cheapest price point to compete.

3) Put comfort, performance and durability as a priority.

Here is how foam rating works in sprung pocket sprung baby mattresses:- 

The 6 cm deep springs in a cot mattresses are covered by a top and bottom layer of only 2 cm deep foam. Therefore 6 cm deep springs, 2 layers of 2 cm foam gives a total depth of 10 cm.

This 2 cm layer of foam has the pressure of the weight of a baby from above and the pressure from the springs below. Also be aware foam does not like heat, weight and damp which is what a baby is! Consequently all these things contribute to weakening the foam and making it dip or dent. 2 cm cheap layer of foam will give support for your baby!  However it may pass the British Standard and it will certainly hit a price point.

The Quality Of The Foam Makes The Difference

Currently the foam used to cover the springs by the best chains stores, department stores and some internet companies is 24/130 or equivalent quality. Some companies will use a lower quality, you normally can tell by the price and the reluctance to give the specifications.

24/130 -The first number "24" is the weight of the foam per kilo and indicates the density or the foam and this affects the durability. 

The second number "130" is the amount of pressure in Newtons it takes to compress the foam to 40% of its size. This measurement is called Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) and this assess the firmness or the feel of foam and how it yields to weight and pressure.

Blue Top Foam 

Our NightyNite® mattresses use 30/150 Blue Top Foam this is a huge step up in quality. A  better quality foam makes such a huge difference to safety, comfort and durability. .

Your baby will be using a cot mattress for over 9000 hours and a cot bed mattress for up to 20000 hours. Yes 30/150 foam will cost a penny a day more, but a worthwhile investment.


    Who do you know what you are buying? A company proud of the quality of foam it is using  will state it in its description.and guarantee it for 5 years.


Basic fibre has the plus point of being made form recycled plastic bottles. It is cheaper than foam!  But beware when it is  used on its own without pocket springs and wool it is not even as supportive as basic foam, might be ok for occasional use at the grandparents.