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A Little About Us

The team behind the Cot Mattress Company Ltd has over 30 years experience in the manufacturing, development, distribution and marketing of cot, crib, and Moses basket mattresses.

We are passionate about producing the best possible baby mattresses. We source only the highest  quality components for our NightyNite® mattresses, We never reduce our quality to meet a price point.

We have been pioneers in responding the challenges of all the scares that surrounded cot mattresses :- mattress wrapping, electromagnetic field (EMF), PDEs fire retardant chemicals, toxic gases, etc.

Now we face our biggest challenge - looking after our planet and environment. The future is sustainability not clogging up landfill with cheap foam that takes a million years to biodegrade.

Our NightyNite® mattresses use 33/150  and 50/215 foam this is a huge step up in durability, support  and comfort. No other UK baby mattress company entertain this high quality. Our mattresses do not dip nor sink. Our Excellence mattresses will last three times longer, add this to our Easychange® washable cover system and you have a mattress that will give you years of service. Use it time and time again. 
We would NEVER  use memory foam, What ever you read it is not suitable for baby mattreses. to hot, too many chemicals. risk of pooling. poor support etc.  

There has been a new development in foam "TCPP free foam"

It is still the law in the UK that every baby mattress has to be flame retardant.
For decades the chemical TCPP (tris (1-chloro-2-propyl) phosphate) has been used as a flame retardant.
TCPP has been accused of causing health problem in children and adults.  Over time TCPP escapes from the foam and has been detected in household air and dust. Laboratory tests indicate that TCPP may have an adverse effect on the nervous system and thyroid.
There is now a new safer purer foam available that is TCPP FREE. Not only is it safer but it comes in 4 qualities and  as you would imagine We select the best. The new foam passes the British flammability standards. 

"New Baby New Mattress" was a phrase used in the late 80s and may be relevant to other mattresses.but not our Nightynite® Brand. read why

But go one step further 

Surely the future must be our NaturalStart range of Cot, Cot-bed, Crib and Moses Basket mattresses. Made using sustainable natural coir and wool, top quality and affordable and with waterproof protection from natural Outlux cover.

We have added pocket springs to our natural  start selection. "The Dependable"  this mattress has generated more positive feedback than any other in our range over the past 10 years.

 We lead the natural baby mattress market with our " Supreme Easychange". A natural pocket sprung cot mattress and no metal springs, the crème de la crème of natural cot mattresses.


We never send out follow-on marketing material,  we feel there is enough  junk clogging up your mail box. We never solicit for reviews, (but we still get lots)  We Strongly believe you should NOT be requested to thank us for doing what you have paid us your hard earned money for. It is so rare we get a complaint,  if we do we sort it immediately. 50% of our business is recommendation.

 We love being the best, its, the quality, and service that makes us different