How Long Should Your Cot Mattress Last

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How long will or should my cot mattress last?

A cot bed mattress should last at least 5 years (20,000 hours) that is what a cot bed is designed to do. 
The life of the mattress depends on it not dipping or denting and giving good support, important for the safety and development or your child. The durability and support will depend on the construction and the quality of components used. 

Consider this - springs are 6 cm deep, a cot mattress should not be deeper than 10 cm, (British Safety Standard)  that is 2 cm of foam top and bottom. (2+6+2 =10cm) 

Your baby / toddler is lying on 2 cm of foam supported by springs from below.  It is the foam that takes the initial weight of your baby / toddler, it is the foam layer that ensures the support and comfort. 

 Foam as a product does not like "Heat Weight and Damp" that's a shame because that is exactly what a baby is.

Heat weight and damp breaks down the foam, weakens it and make it dip or dent. The quality of  foam is absolutely key. The better the quality the longer your mattress will give good support and durability.

For a cot bed mattress to last 5 years the foam quality should be 33 CMHR or 50 CMHR.
90% of cot mattresses sold in the UK use a foam 28 CMHR or less to meet a price point! It is highly unlikely this quality of foam will give your baby 5 years of  comfort and support.

Most natural mattresses made of coir will last longer. Quality coir is inherently stronger and firmer than basic 28 CMHR foam and dearer. The lambswool above the coir offers the welcoming layer.  For an even more durable, comfortable natural mattress pocket springs can be encapsulated in coir and then lambswool above the coir layer. 

(If you  want in depth information - you will need a coffee and a munchie to read this

 Fibre is an interesting component made from recycled plastic bottles. Fibre is highly breathable, cooler than foam does not have a petroleum smell like foam therefore does not need ventilation when new. It is also cheap as chips!

However it gives Very Poor Support and will show signs of denting after a few months. It may suffice for a mattress used occasionally at the grandparent for a few visits a hear

Good news a NEW HIGH DENSITY FIBRE became available in Sept 2019  we tested it and found it offers the same durability as a top quality mattresses made from 33 CMHR foam plus all the other benefits of fibre. when used with a good quality pocket spring
But unfortunately it is the same price as a top quality pocket sprung mattress foam!. Quality costs! 

Cot Mattress Covers

The  cot / cot bed mattress should have covers washable at 60°c and full waterproof protection. Without this the core of the mattress could become damage by damp, urine, vomit or compromised by dust mites and bacteria.

Much more about cot Mattress covers





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