The Future Of Our Planet - Why Buy A Quality Baby Mattress

Posted by Roger Abrahams on

We are all starting to think more and more about our planet and the earth’s resources, landfill and recycling. 

Considering  buying a cot mattress? 

 In the late 80’s, foam along with some other things were blamed for cot deaths. I wont go into all the details of the dreadful panic this caused but along with other advice out came the phrase “NEW BABY NEW MATTRESS”.  

This was to avoid new babies put on old mattresses that had previous babies bacteria on them, or where the foam had deteriorated and was not giving good support etc,

Things have changed. You can now buy very high density foam 50 /215 (50 CMHR) encapsulating high quality pocket springs with waterproof protection and zip off machine washable toppers.

These mattresses will last you at least five years and probably a lot longer, if you look after them as per the instructions. 

You can use them for your next baby too or even pass them on for use for another baby to use because no body fluids can get to the mattress core and react with the foam. The mattress will keep its new look and not dip or dent.

You can keep the mattress as good as the day you bought it.  Not only because of the waterproof protection cover and the washable interchangeable toppers, but primarily because of the very high density foam that encapsulates the pocket springs.

These high quality mattress is  will offer your baby 20000 hours of comfortable excellent supportive sleep, it will take the extra weigh as you baby grows plus cope with the extra activity and punishment.

The other option is to buy a cheap mattress without the waterproof protection and interchangeable covers and made with cheap weight foam or fibre. It will dent and dip, get soiled and you will buy a couple of replacements in five years. then throw it away.

There are  nearly  800,000 babies  born in the UK, currently every year the baby mattresses that we commit to landfill will reach John ‘O’ Groats to Lands End. This need not happen.

 Yes the message of “Think about the future of our planet “ has got to us at the Cot Mattress Company too. Over the past few years we have  changed the products we sell and how we package them..

We make products that last - not for landfill


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