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Crib Mattresses TCPP FREE

Delighted To Introduce This New Safer TCPP FREE Foam Into Our Crib Mattress Range.

Available in 4 Sizes  in our Exclusive Easychange Design With Two Toppers

What is TCPP?

 Every baby mattress in the UK  has to be flame retardant. For decades the chemical TCPP (tris (1-chloro-2-propyl) phosphate) has been used as a flame retardant. 

TCPP has been accused of causing health problem in children and adults  because over time TCPP escapes from the foam and has been detected in household air and dust. Laboratory tests indicate that TCPP may have an adverse effect on the nervous system and thyroid.

There is now a new safer foam available that is TCPP FREE. Not only is it safer but it comes in 4 qualities,  As you would expect  we use only the top quality TCPP FREE foam for our crib mattresses.   

 Best Quality TCPP FREE foam has a gorgeous feel and offers the ultimate in support and comfort and instant recovery when depressed. It also complies  with the UK standard for Fire Retardancy. This is undoubtedly the best foam for a crib mattress we have seen for 30 years.

 Nightynite®  - The Best A Baby Can Get

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