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NightyNite Easychange ® Natural Coir And Lambswool "Foam Free Crib Mattress 5 sizes

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The EasyChange Foam Free  Coir and Lambswool Mattress Plus Two Microfibre Toppers in 4 sizes


  • 5 cm deep coir with lambswool base offering firm and comfortable support for your baby.
  • Foam free,  a double layer of lambswool  on one side and a single layer on the other  
  • Safetex zip-on washable protective base cover.
  • Two Luxury quilted microfibre toppers that zip on to the Safetex waterproof base cover.
  • Box Packed


  • The outstanding benefit of our "Easychange"  NEXT TO ME crib mattress design - you just zip off the soiled topper and zip a clean one  

  • The core is made from natural coir and lambswool giving excellent support and durability

  • For your personal choice we have doubled the layer of lambswool on one side to offer a firm or a semi-firm sleep surface.

  • Wrapping the crib mattress core in stockinette fabric allows you to easily remove the Safetex base cover for washing.

  • Safetex zip-on washable cover is fitted over the stockinette to protect the core from body fluids. 
  • A luxury quilted microfibre topper zips on easily to the Safetex waterproof easy wipe clean base cover. you get a spare topper with this mattress.
  • The Safetex base cover and topper will machine wash at 60°c - the temperature required to kill dust mites.

  • Microfibres have a much higher number of air chambers and tiny pores, allowing the skin to breathe and the body to regulate temperature more easily.

  • Anti static - prevents the build up of static electricity.

  • All of our mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877, BS7177. 

  • N.B. our Nightynite  mattress does not come with the baseboard like the original Chicco mattress has.  If you  wish to use the  baseboard  remove it from the old  Chicco mattress.  Fit it at the  bottom of your Next to Me crib, place your   lovely new Nightynite®  mattress on top of the board.

  • We have moved away from heavy duty plastic outer wrap in the favour of a recyclable cardboard box. Your crib mattress arrives in perfect condition and better for the environment too.