74 x 34 cm Moses Basket Mattress With Natural Coir and Wool, Waterproof Outlux Cover

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74 x 34 cm Luxurious Natural Crib Mattress:- Coir and Lambswool, Soft  Cotton Outlux  Waterproof Protective Cover 


  • 74 x 34 cm Coir and lambswool base hand-made in Worcestershire. 
  • Double layer of lambswool on side one and single on the other
  • Outlux waterproof protective cover
  • Cover has full zip - machine washable at 60°c


  • Coir and lambswool  base enclosed in stockinette makes it easy to remove the cover for washing 

  • The double layer of lambswool on one side and a single on the other offers a choice of firm or medium-firm sleep.

  • Outlux is a three layer fabric, Two layers of brushed cotton with a ultra thin layer of Pu in the centre giving Outlux its waterproof properties

  • As the waterproof centre layer of PU within Outlux is less than 8%. Outlux is still regarded as a natural fabric. 

  •  Outlux is double sided so the crib mattress is reversible. The cover is machine washable at 60°c. 

  • All of our mattresses conform to British standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations The Lullaby Trust

    PLEASE READ - "Buy with informed choice"

  • Outlux is 93% natural and fully waterproof but NOT 100% fully breathable, if this matters to you?

  •  It is not possible to have a 100 % totally natural fabric that is 100% waterproof and fully breathable, (whatever anybody tells you )

  •  As part of our range, We do Supply a Coolmax and Maxispace cover instead of the Outlux over the natural base available, 

  • The advantage of  Coolmax© and Maxispace is that it is  a highly breathable luxury cover that offers temperature control. However it is NOT natural and NOT waterproof.

  • If you choose Coolmax we will fit a waterproof liner under the cover to protect the lambswool and coir but not to interfere with the breathable properties of the Coolmax and Maxispace cover..  

Dispatched in cardboard box, in place of  heavy duty plastic wrap. We have reduced our total plastic usage by over 70% so far

  • NightyNite® - Its the quality that makes us different

  • All our mattresses offer waterproof protection no further waterproof protection purchase is necessary.