How To Keep Your Baby Mattress Hygienic And Safe Without Compromising On Breathability Or Comfort

Posted by Roger Abrahams on

The first priority is prevent any body fluids getting to the core of the mattress this can  be achieved by :-

1) Putting a waterproof cover over the whole mattress and under there sheet.

2) By putting the waterproof protection under the mattress cover and over the mattress base.

First option. Remove the sheet wipe the waterproof cover down with Milton or Detol etc. replace the sheet - good to go.

However this system greatly reduces the breathability of the mattress. The waterproof cover will not be fully breathable and easy wipe clean. It will not afford any temperature control and reduces the comfort because your baby is lying on a on a plastic type surface. The initial lie is now not so soft and welcoming.

Option two. Still protects the base, affords more breathability, more comfortable and luxurious, promotes a better sleep and if you have a cover like Coolmax® backed with a spacer fabric like Spacetec or Maxispace offers temperature control.

The downside of this setup is you need a spare cover because if the urine goes through the sheet you need to change the cover. Remove the sheet as you would in the first option, then remove the cover, wipe the protective base cover in the same way with Milton Detol bacterial cleaner. Then replace the cover and the sheet.

By far the best way to achieve to get all the positive advantages of Option Two , is with the Easychange®. 

This clever setup  allows you to keep all the benefits of waterproof protection without sacrificing the comfort, breathability or temperature control.  

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