As We Now Consider The Environment, Recycling, Landfill is it Still "New baby New Mattress"

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NEW BABY NEW MATTRESS”  was a recommendation that came about in the late 80’s. There was all sorts of scares about bacteria, fungus growing on cot mattresses, Body fluids reacting with flame retardant chemicals used in foam manufacture and giving off toxic gasses.

This is how it all started:-

There was a  television program that highlighted people falling asleep smoking and setting fire to the settee and the house going up in flames!
As a result of this every bit of foam used in the house had to be made with a flame retardant. Then came the Mr Richardson hypothesis that body fluids caused bacteria which in turn were reacting with the flame retardant chemicals used in foam production and causing toxic gasses e.g. Stibine gas and this gas was said increased the risk of Cot death.
This hit the headlines and this theory was promoted by the The press and a T.V. show " The Cook Report"  Naturally this caused unimaginable  worry to new parents! 

The government had to step in. A leading group of experts was put together to analyse the Richardson's hypothesis and found his claims were unproven and  false. If you wish to read the whole story you can see it here >

Even with this report the scare was sealed in stone and to this day it is still has some credibility with some professionals. and the phrase  "New Baby New Mattress has stuck and been passed down" 

Out of that scare came the following:-

Phosphorous, arsenic and antimony compounds are no longer used as fire retardants in mattresses

Cot death prevention advice from  FSIDS now the Lullaby Trust

Back to sleep in a well ventilated room
Feet to foot,  no bumpers, so baby cannot get under covers 
Ensure your baby does not  get to hot or cold, room 16°c - 20°c .
No smoking including E-Ciggs 

and also  "New baby new mattress"

 But Now in 2019 we have  another worry the future of our planet and committing thousands of tons of foam to landfill that will take a million years to biodegrade

Is there a way to  keep your baby safe and healthy and reuse your cot mattress

Consider this:-

You should NOT use any baby mattress for a second or third child if :-

1) You do not know its history how it was looked after and how it has been maintained and cleaned

2) If the mattress does not have washable covers and the core is not protected.

3) If the mattress has the slightest dip or dent, - not supportive.

4) If the mattress is yours and you stored it in the loft  and did you seal it in a plastic bag and it is not thoroughly washable, and does not have protection to the core.

You can use a mattress for another child if :-

1) You know its history and how well it was looked after

2) The mattress has a protector (preferably wipe clean and or washable) that will prevent body fluids getting to the core (foam or springs) and the protector sits under the cover and over the foam.

3) The covers have been washed regularly at 60°c the temperature requite to kill dust mites.

4 ) The mattress has no visible dents or dips has been well maintained and turned frequently

5) The mattress has been stored clean and sealed in plastic. All covers or toppers protective core cover machine washable at 60°c . A fixed  waterproof  protective base cover can be cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner like Milton.

NB.As foam ages it Oxidises, goes yellow, this is perfectly normal and does not affect the performance of the foam in any way whatsoever,

Cot mattresses in the UK use a quality of foam called 24 /130 sold by the major dept stores and trusted web companies this foam that covers springs will last on average a year depending on how it is maintained and rotated and the heat, weight, activity and dampness of your baby.

Nighytnite® use foam with a strength 30 /150 and 50 / 215, this is a massive step up  in quality. Nightynite foam encapsulating pocket springs will give Excellent comfort, support and durability. 

The Nightynite®  Excellence cot mattress are guaranteed seven years they have full waterproof protection and machine washable covers. You can certainly use these mattresses for a second or third child  if follow the instructions that come with the mattress.

When you  have finished with the cot and it is stored in the loft, do not throw away the mattress if it is still in good condition. Wash the covers, store the mattress away clean wrapped in plastic.  It will be good if you lend the cot to another :- friend or family or keep it for your grandchild.

If you buy quality your baby will benefit every second of the 20,000 hours it will use the mattress with a safe comfortable, supportive, hygienic sleep.

Let's look after our planet -  We make cot mattresses to last




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