Natural Crib Mattresses

Natural Crib Mattresses

Available in sizes 76 x 40, 84 x 36, 84 x 38, 84 x 43,  90 x 40,  83 x 50

In natural crib mattresses foam is replaced by natural coir & lambswool

Foam Free, no petroleum based  products, no initial chemical smell, no foam fireproofing chemicals, Foam will take a hundreds of thousands of years to biodegrade in landfill. Coir and lambswool a few years at most to biodegrade.  

Your choice of covers is a balance between natural, fully breathable and waterproof but  there is no fabric available for a cot mattress that will give you all three! 

A 100% natural fabric like cotton will be breathable but will NOT be waterproof, it is not a sensible cover for a baby mattress. Cotton will not protect the coir and lambswool base from body fluids

Outlux is 92% cotton has a thin middle layer of PU to make it waterproof, but it is NOT totally breathable. However this gets you as near to a natural waterproof fabric as possible.

You can protect the natural foam free base with EasyChange® washable toppers. Untimely accidents - just to zip off the wet topper and zip on the clean dry one. Easychange system is waterproof and fully breathable but  not 100% natural.

NB: The sheet that your baby sleeps on can of course be 100% cotton both natural and breathable.