Fibre Cot Mattresses

Eco Ultra-fibre Mattresses - Excellent Price

Compare  quality fibre with quality foam - What you should know


Advantages of fibre
Made form recycled plastic bottles, good for the environment
Slightly more breathable than foam 
Much, much cheaper than foam, Foam has rocketed in price, most companies are switching to fibre to be more competitively priced.
Good for occasional use at grandparents

Disadvantages of Fibre
Poor support. dents and dips within months. Turning twice a week will help avoid this
Will not last as long as quality foam,
Sinks, No elasticity does not bounce back, poor recovery

 A fibre mattress for costing  £30 to £55 you may get  a year from at best
A quality pocket sprung mattress using 30 /150 weight foam will last you five years Cost £130 -£180  The support and comfort is obviously far superior.  

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