The Environment and Baby Mattresses

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The Environment and Baby Mattresses

As the world changes with increased concern over the environment, recycling and landfill. There is now a move away from plastics, however if we have to use them, then we can use them in a more sustainable way.

Here at The Cot Mattress Company we too are doing our bit to help reduce landfill by offering recycled or natural products or by increasing the life of baby mattresses so they can be as good as new for at least 5-7 years instead of 1-2 years.

A Higher Quality Foam

For many years the marketing advice has been  “New Baby New Mattress”. This was mainly because used mattresses dipped or dented and soiled easily, There was also a theory that urine reacted with  foam and gave off a toxic gas and it made an old mattress risky to use. 

With advancements in technology Nightynite® cot mattresses are made from a much higher grade of foam to encapsulate the springs, it will give continued support (blue top foam) and will not collapse. Coupled with this your cot mattress has washable  breathable covers and waterproof protection. Your mattress will maintain its new look for many years and you can use it with confidence.

NightyNite® cot mattresses are more comfortable, hygienic, supportive, durable, and breathable. Yes, there is a small increase in cost to use higher quality components, (perhaps a penny a day), but considering your baby will use a cot for 9000 hours and a cot bed for 20.000 hours - it's well worth the investment for a more comfortable, safer nights sleep.  

Fibre Made From  Recycled Plastic Bottles

 Fibre has recently exploed on to the cot mattress market place mainly because it is cheap and the cost of foam has doubled in price.  The quality of fibre has recently improved but it does not have the support durability, revovery or comfort  of foam.  ok for occassional use at the grandparents or if you but a fibre mattress then turn it a few times a week to keep it going. 


Natural Coir and Lambswool

This is the future, a sustainable product, petroleum free and when made correctly is a fabulous product.  Safe, firm, comfortable, durable, supportive, breathable, hygienic.
The coir can be used eith as a block or with pocket springs, then enclosed in quality  lambswool.
There is a choice of covers but at the end of the day there has to be waterproof protection for the base (lambswool and coir)
No fabric suitable for a baby mattress is  100% natural, 100% breathable, and 100% waterproof . 
best option is to have waterproof protection to the base and have  the cover on top offering  comfort  breathability, temperature control and  hygiene 
check out the Nightyite Easychange Dependable with Coolmax 









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