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Natural Cot Mattresses

The advantage of a natural cot mattress is:-  No petro-chemical or TCCP flame retardants and the coir and lambswool biodegrades quickly in landfill. Compared  this to foam that will take hundreds of thousands of years. to biodegrade.

Choosing the right fabric to go with your natural mattress raises a few questions. 
No 100% natural fabric is waterproof. We believe it is pointless buying a lovely natural baby mattress without full waterproof protection for the lambswool and coir base.

Whoever you buy from the covers for your natural mattress will have only two the following three properties:- natural, fully breathable or waterproof.  Your decision is to choose where your priorities lie.   

Outlux is 93% cotton has a thin layer of 7% PU sandwiched between two layers of brushed cotton to make it waterproof. As the PU component is less than 8% the fabric can be called natural.  Outlux is only partially breathable, air will only escape from the layer of brushed cotton above the PU layer. 

You can protect the natural coir and lambswool base with the EasyChange® System. A separate waterproof base cover that quilted breathable toppers zip on to. Just zip off the wet topper and zip on the spare clean one provided.

The Easychange system is waterproof and fully breathable but not natural.

NB.There is a  choice of Easychange® toppers microfibre or Coolmax© with Maxispace. Over 75% of parents choose this design to go with their natural mattress 

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