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Natural Toddler Mattress

 Natural And Foam Free Toddler Mattresses 140 x 70 cm.

No totally natural fabric is 100% waterproof. A baby mattress with no waterproof protection is pretty pointless .  So what are the best options if you want a natural mattress?

 Foam of course is the enemy, it is petroleum based, has fire retardant chemicals, a chemical smell when new, and takes a million years to biodegrade  in landfill!. Instead of foam you can have:-

1) Natural coir and lambswool
2) Natural coir and lambswool and metal pocket springs
3) Natural lambswool with natural coir pocket springs.

For the covers you must have waterproof protection, so your options are :-

1) Outlux. This is a 93% natural brushed cotton fabric with 7% PU barrier in the middle making it waterproof. It is classed as a total natural fabric. However it is not totally breathable as the only air that gets through to your baby is from the cotton layer above the middle layer of PU. Interestingly not every company that sells natural mattresses will tell you this.

2) Safetex waterproof base cover that seals the whole core. Then Easychange® Coolmax and Maxispace toppers that zip on to the base cover. This special fabric gives temperature control and maximum breathability. Of course it is not a natural fabric. But you get two toppers, one for the wash

Where we offer  Outlux as a standard cover for a natural mattress we will always substitute it for Coolmax and Maxispace for no extra charge. Currently  70% of our customers request this. 

If you wish your baby to be next to a natural fabric then of course you do have the option of  !00% cotton sheets.

 If you find the information above raises more questions, please do not hesitate to phone our helpline 01299 823223. We get more questions about this than anything else.