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NightyNite Easychange® Natural Supreme Dependable - Coir Springs Coolmax and Maxispace Toppers - 6 Sizes

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This Mattress Is The Very Top Of Our Range. Exclusive And Unique. Natural Base With Natural Pocket Springs, Two interchangeable Coolmax Toppers With Built In Waterproof Protection.  It has no rival in the UK.


  • Hand made in Worcestershire no other mattress in the UK compares 
  • Foam and metal free 
  • 200 natural coir pocket springs in a coir frame 
  •  Double layer of lambswool with stockinette wrap
  • Waterproof base and two Coolmax and Maxispace Toppers
  • We can supply natural waterproof natural Outlux cover if desired


  • The NightyNite® NaturalStart has a unique natural pocket sprung coir and lambswool core. No other mattress in the UK offers this.

  • Provides a "foam free" alternative with great support, comfort and durability.

  • The base is made of 200 individual natural coir springs that offers a pocket  sprung  metal free base. Absolutely unique very comfortable and durable  

  • Both sides of the coir has a 2 cm  double layer of gorgeous lambswool,  This offers superb comfort and durability 

  •   Instead of Coolmax© and Maxispace we can supply Outlux 

Please Read - This It Is Very Important  - There is no fabric on the planet that is 100% natural and 100% waterproof and 100% breathable  that  you would use for a baby mattress.  "what ever you read on any web site"

So you make a decision as to your priorities with informed choice. We offer the following to help you:-

Outlux is a 93% natural fabric, it is made up of two layers of brushed cotton with a 7% layer of PU in the middle to make the cover waterproof and protect the mattress core (there is no point in having a mattress cover that is not going to protect the mattress core) As the amount of PU is so small Outlux is regarded as a NATURAL fabric.
 The downside of Outlux is that it is not totally breathable.  The advantage  of Outlux is you can just  flip your mattress immediately to use both sides.  

Coolmax© and Maxispace is a perfect cover for a baby mattress it is extremely comfortable, it offers temperature control and is totally breathable, but it is NOT natural  but your  cotton or bamboo sheet can be. 
This lovely mattress is had crafted and it does take us three  days to make

Please contact us on 01299 823223 if you wish to discuss. We are here to help