117 x 54 cm NightyNite NaturalStart Cot Mattress, Coir & Lambswool, Easychange Coolmax and Maxispace Toppers

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117 x 54 x10 cm NightyNite® NaturalStart Cot Mattress Coir and Lambswool Base with Easychange Coolmax and Maxispace Toppers

Introducing the NightyNite® NaturalStart Cot Mattress: Coir and Lambswool Base with Easychange Coolmax and Maxispace Toppers.

Product Features:

  • Foam-free design for a healthier sleep environment.
  • Luxurious and supportive lambswool, 2cm deep, on both sides of a firm 6cm deep natural coir central core, making the mattress a total of 10cm deep.
  • Easychange Coolmax and Maxispace Toppers for added convenience and comfort.
  • Stockinette wrap to secure the lambswool layer in place.
  • Waterproof Safetex washable protective base cover.


  • The NightyNite® NaturalStart features a natural coir and lambswool core, completely free from foam.
  • Each side of the coir core is accompanied by a 2cm deep layer of luxurious lambswool, providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
  • The stockinette wrap allows for easy removal of the Safetex protective base cover, facilitating machine washing.
  • The Safetex protective base cover encompasses the entire natural mattress base, offering waterproof protection and easy wipe cleaning.
  • The Coolmax and Maxispace toppers can be zipped onto the Safetex base cover and are washable at 60°C. An extra topper is included for convenience.
  • The Coolmax and Maxispace fabric promotes breathability and regulates temperature.
  • Unlike "The Dependable" mattress, this model does not include pocket springs in its base, resulting in a firmer feel.
  • All our cot mattresses meet the British Standards BS1877, BS7177, and the recommendations of the Lullaby Trust.

Note: The Easychange Coolmax© & Maxispace toppers offer superior breathability and temperature control compared to the Outlux option. They also provide a more luxurious fabric. To replace a soiled topper, simply unzip it and attach the clean one.

Please bear in mind that to turn a mattress using the Easychange® system, you will need to remove the Safetex base cover, flip the mattress, and then reattach the base cover.

On the other hand, if you buy the same mattress with the natural waterproof  Outlux cover,  it is easy for you to flip the mattress without any additional steps as the Outlux cover encompasses the whole mattress. Advantages in both systems.