Cot Mattress 131 x 75cm

131 x 75 cm Cot Mattresses - 9 Designs

This size NightyNite® Mattress fits   old style BOORI cots. They are the very best available in the UK. Safe, Comfortable, Firm and Supportive, Waterproof, Breathable, Durable, Hygienic. Washable and Guaranteed 5 years.

Don't forget to check out our informative video that introduces the Nightynite Easychange System. This innovation is available in the size of 131 x 75 x 10 cm, suitable for both natural and foam mattresses. Don't miss out on this opportunity!"

NightyNite®- The Best Your Baby Can Get


Cot Bed Mattress Information about Foam, Fibre or  Natural coir and wool

Natural CoIr and Wool Cot Bed Mattresses

"Enhanced comfort is achieved through the deep quilted wool layer on the sleep surface. Meanwhile, the coconut coir layer not only offers exceptional firm support but also improves breathability and ensures excellent ventilation. Coir fiber, known for its remarkable toughness, elasticity, and durability, sets it apart from foam, making it a sustainable choice. Additionally, the integration of pocket springs within the coir block further enhances comfort and promotes superior ventilation."

 These are availabe with a base of solid coir or pocket springs encapsulated in coir look for a good depth of wool either side (2cm)

Foam and Pocket Springs Cot Bed Mattresses:

The choice of foam a manufacturer selects to cover the pocket springs can be influenced by several factors, including:

  1. Meeting the minimum requirements set by British Standards.
  2. Balancing the need to reach a specific price point.
  3. Prioritizing comfort, performance, and durability.

High-quality pocket sprung cot bed mattresses typically feature 6 cm deep springs, covered by a top and bottom layer of only 2 cm deep foam, resulting in a total depth of 10 cm, in line with British Standards.

The 2 cm top layer of foam must withstand the weight of your baby from above and the pressure from the springs below. Basic nursery foam is less tolerant of heat, weight, and damp conditions – all of which a baby brings. These factors can weaken the foam, causing it to dip or dent and provide inadequate support.

To provide a reference, most other UK cot manufacturers use basic nursery foam with a rating of 22-28. In contrast, Nightynite© cot mattresses feature foam with ratings of 33 and 50, a significant upgrade. No other cot mattress company offers this level of quality, explaining why our cot mattresses provide better support, longevity, and come with a 5-year guarantee.

Nightynite cot bed mattresses are exceptional, incorporating two Easychange washable toppers and high-quality foam with pocket springs, delivering superior comfort, firmness, support, and durability.

 Fibre Cot Bed Mattresses:

Fibre is a recent addition to the cot bed mattress market due to its affordability. Made from recycled plastic bottles and priced at a third of foam, it presents certain advantages and disadvantages, including:


  • No petroleum odor, eliminating the need for extensive ventilation.
  • Slightly more breathable than foam.


  • Lacks the level of support and durability found in quality foam.
  • Tends to dip and dent after a few months unless turned frequently.
  • Doesn't offer the same recovery or comfort as foam.


Cot Bed Mattress Covers

We offer our Easychange cover system on our higher grade foam and natural cot bed mattresses 

N.B. All our cot bed mattresses have waterproof protection. We would not sell a mattress unless we offered this feature.