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Calls To Our helpline Seeking Advice Are Most Welcome But Are Often Combined With "If it was for your new baby what cot  mattress would you buy?"

For the past 20 years we have been relentless, obsessed,  yes passionate, in our quest to manufacture the best possible baby mattresses. We enjoy testing new materials and designing mattresses that offer the best benefits available:-       

We have developed a huge range and selection and we do try to accommodate all customers preferences and they are many and varied. However it is not our business to compromise on quality to reach a cheap price point.  

Getting back to the question - if we had to choose,

We would select either:- 

The Nightynite® Easychange® Dependable With Coolmax© & Maxispace Toppers, 

or the

Nightynite  Easychange Pocket Sprung with Blue Top Foam and Coolmax© & Maxispace Toppers 

Or if you are seeking purely a toddler bed mattress that will last more than one baby and past 5 years old then checkout The Excellence 

 A little extra information about the Dependable:-

 The Dependable is foam free. Foam is a petrochemical compound that has some questionable chemicals added to it because foam has to pass U.K. fire retardant regulations. When foam is new, it needs airing. 

The Dependable is more comfortable with pocket springs encapsulated in coir than a solid block of coir. The Dependable also has two layers of lambswool on one side and one layer on the other. It offers your baby a choice of a medium-firm side or a firm side. Feedback says virtually all parents choose the side with double layer of lambswool.

The Dependable has a waterproof protective cover around the mattress core protecting the coir and lambswool. This cover is easy wipe clean and can be removed for washing.

 A Coolmax© and Maxispace topper zips on to the protective base cover. This topper zips on to the waterproof base cover and offers maximum breathability and temperature control. With The Dependable you also get a spare zip on  topper, (one for the wash).

Durability and  Five Year Guarantee
The Dependable is made with high quality pocket springs, it will not dip nor dent and it is guaranteed for five years. 

Foam is not recyclable, when it goes to landfill it takes a hundreds of thousands of years to biodegrade. With "The Dependable" cot mattress the coir can go to compost,  the wool biodegrades in 6 months in the ground, the metal springs are easily recycled. or they rust in landfill. We have recently developed coir springs to replace the metal springs - another first for the Cot Mattress Company.

Compare all these features and benefits with any other cot mattress in the UK. It has no rival. The Dependable cot mattress is the best value for money, works out at £2 a month for The Best Your Baby Can Get.

The down side to "The Dependable" is it is hand made and takes us three days to make it, unfortunately we cannot do next day delivery. 

The Nightynite® Easychange® Dependable Cot Mattress, With Coolmax & Maxispace Toppers    

We now make a version of The Dependable  metal free with natural coir springs