The Environment and Baby Mattresses

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The Environment and Baby Mattresses

As the global focus shifts towards environmental concerns, recycling, and reducing landfill waste, there is a growing movement away from plastics. However, when it is necessary to use them, we can adopt more sustainable practices.

At The Cot Mattress Company, we are committed to playing our part in reducing landfill waste. We offer recycled or natural products and extend the lifespan of baby mattresses, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for 5-7 years, as opposed to the typical 1-2 years.

Enhanced Foam Quality

Traditionally, the marketing advice has been "New Baby New Mattress," primarily due to concerns about used mattresses dipping, denting, and soiling easily. There was also a theory that urine could react with foam, releasing toxic gases and making an old mattress potentially risky.

Thanks to technological advancements, Nightynite® cot mattresses now utilize a higher grade of foam that encapsulates the springs, providing continuous support (blue top foam) without collapsing. Additionally, our cot mattresses feature washable, breathable covers and waterproof protection. This ensures that your mattress maintains its new look for many years, offering both comfort and peace of mind.

NightyNite® cot mattresses are designed to be more comfortable, hygienic, supportive, durable, and breathable. While there may be a slight increase in cost due to the use of higher quality components (roughly a penny a day), considering that your baby will spend approximately 9000 hours in a cot and 20,000 hours in a cot bed, it is well worth the investment for a safer and more comfortable night's sleep.

Fibre Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Fibre has recently gained popularity in the cot mattress market due to its affordability, as the cost of foam has doubled. While the quality of fibre has improved, it still lacks the support, durability, recovery, and comfort provided by foam. Fibre mattresses are suitable for occasional use, such as at grandparents' homes, or if you rotate the mattress regularly to extend its lifespan.

Natural Coir and Lambswool

This represents the future—a sustainable product that is free from petroleum. When manufactured correctly, natural coir and lambswool create a fantastic product that is safe, firm, comfortable, durable, supportive, breathable, and hygienic. Coir can be used either as a block or in combination with pocket springs, enclosed within high-quality lambswool. While there is a choice of covers, it is crucial to ensure waterproof protection for the base (lambswool and coir). No fabric suitable for a baby mattress is 100% natural, 100% breathable, and 100% waterproof. Therefore, the best option is to have waterproof protection for the base while having a cover on top that offers comfort, breathability, temperature control, and hygiene.

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