Natural Baby Mattresses Are They 100% Waterproof

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Natural Baby Mattresses  Are They 100% Waterproof

Here is the Dilemma:-

You want a natural mattress that means no foam or fibre, mattresses made from coir and lambswool or latex- easy enough. 

Does natural mean to you - you  will accept springs to go with the coir?  Will you accept pocket springs as they are individually wrapped in polyester? Pocket springs are more comfortable than ordinary springs.  Another decision, baby comfort and development first?

Waterproof Protection

In reality NO TOTALLY natural fabric is  100% WATERPROOF,
There are fabrics that are 92% natural and waterproof - two layers of brushed cotton with a layer of PU sandwiched in the middle, however this fabric  will not be totally breathable. Cant be -  your only going to get the air  through from the top layer of cotton.

Also if urine or vomit goes through your cotton sheet and hits the cot mattress cover, you cant wipe it, It is a natural cotton fabric,  it is not wipe clean you have to have a spare cover to change.

 For parents that want a natural mattress, foam is the enemy!   Mainly because of concerns about PBDEs, and as these are phased out they are replaced with other toxic chemicals, they have to be to produce a fire retardant polyurethane foam. (having said that the experts will say "foam is 100% safe" )

For a compromise the answer may be, have a coir and lambswool base. A  separate man-made wipe clean cover that protects the natural core,  zip on breathable easychange toppers (spare one for the wash).

Your baby can sleep still sleep on a 100% organic cotton or bamboo sheet that is next to their skin  

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