Best Cover For Your Natural Cot Mattress -

Best Cover For Your Natural Mattress - not an easy decision

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Natural Waterproof,  100% Breathable Cot Mattress Protectors - Do they exist?

 The truth, regardless how companies will dress this up there is NO such product that will give you a  totally natural, waterproof and 100% breathable cot mattress cover. 

Yes you will see adverts for 100% organic cover, with Oeko-Tex Class 1 (Baby) waterproof membrane  - The membrane is not 100% breathable or totally natural it will have some form of petroleum PTFE or PU. 

Instead of petroleum you can make a cot mattress protector out of natural rubber -  All the ones we tested were pretty horrid and anyway none of them were breathable.    

Your choice of covers is a balance:-

Between Natural, fully breathable and waterproof but there is No fabric available for a cot mattress that will give you all three! 

A 100% natural fabric like cotton will be breathable but will NOT be waterproof, it is not a sensible cover for a baby mattress!

Outlux is 92% cotton has a thin layer of PU to make it waterproof, it does look like a totally cotton fabric as the waterproof membrane is sandwiched in the middle of the fabric, but it is NOT totally breathable.

However this gets you as near to a natural waterproof fabric as possible.but it will not offer you temperature control.

If you are going to use this fabric, buy a cot mattress with this fabric made as a  a cot mattress cover. It is pretty pointless buying a 100% natural mattress with a cotton cover that will not be waterproof and then having to buy a waterproof cover to put on top to protect it - waste of money! Be wise!

You can protect your natural foam - free coir and lambswool base with EasyChange® washable toppers.

Night-time accidents - just to zip off the wet topper and zip on the clean dry one - very practical.
 The Easychange system is waterproof and fully breathable but NOT 100% natural.

NB: The sheet that your baby sleeps on can of course be 100% cotton both natural and breathable  
Are your priorities  totally breathability, temperature control and  waterproof to protect the base cover?
An Easychange design is perfect for the night- time accidents if  you are prepared to give up on the total natural cover.

Or you want to get as close to 100% natural as you can  (92%) but you will give up on the total breathability and temperature control. 

 it is  indeed a Catch 22 situation but you can now make an informed choice. 

 You have of course taken out most of the enemy (foam) by choosing a natural base as you have switched to natural  coir and lambswool, or coir, lambswool and pocket springs.

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