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Next To Me Mattress Reviews From Mum and Baby Magazine

Mum and Baby Magazine  Tester Reviews for the Nightynite® Easychange  "Next To Me TCCP Free Safer Foam Mattress  

How does this product make your life easier as a mum? 

Tester 1 Mum and Baby magazine

The NightyNite Surestart Easychange Crib Mattress make my life easier as a mum because it comes with a spare easy change topper which is perfect for washing. I can have one topper in the wash while using the spare.  This mattress provides comfort and support for your baby. The NightyNite Surestart Easychange Crib Mattress came with a laminated sheet explaining the type of foam, safe sleep guidelines, washing instructions, maintenance advice and benefits of this product.

Tester 2- Mum and Baby magazine

Our baby has mild re-flux and therefore we change the sheets on our current mattress a lot. Being able to unzip the top layer of the Easychange mattress and put it straight in the wash is invaluable to our daily routine. It also takes seconds to zip the new topper back on as well once it has been washed which is far easier than fitted sheets.

Tester 3 - Mum and Baby magazine

My daughter is 4 months old and has been transitioning from her Sleepyhead to a side by crib cot. The crib cot comes with a standard mattress which is relatively thin and hard, meaning she was waking up a number of times during her daytime naps however when we introduced the Nightynite mattress she began to sleep for longer and seemed a lot more comfortable.

Tester 4 - Mum and Baby magazine

This product helps my baby get a fantastic nights sleep so makes her same up happy with be lovely smile on her face so just makes our days so much nicer it doesn't make anything quicker or easier just helps us to have a happy baby which is brilliant for us and of course who doesn't want a super happy baby!

Tester 5 - Mum and Baby magazine

The mattress has a zip which allows you to easily change the mattress protector that is attached. It comes with 2 mattress protectors which is useful. The mattress doesn’t need to be removed in order to change the mattress protector. It is comfortable for my baby and she sleeps well on it. It feels good quality.

 Would You Recommend This Mattress to a  Friend?

Tester 1 - Mum and Baby magazine

I would recommend the NightyNite Surestart Easychange Crib Mattress to a friend or fellow mum because it comes in several different sizes.84 x 36 x 5 cm,84 x 43 x 5 cm,89 x 38 x 5 cm,90 x 40 x 5 cm,83 x 50 x 5 cm which is the same size as fits the “Next To Me” Crib. There are 2 easy change toppers that make little accidents quick and easy to clean especially during the night. There are washing instructions for safe hygiene and so you don't risk shrinking by accidentally washing and drying wrong. This Mattress Is comfortable and supportive providing a better sleep for both mum and baby.

Tester 2 - Mum and Baby magazine

I would recommend this to a friend/fellow mum  I will say, however, that since beginning to use this mattress, I feel my son has slept better and longer through the night than before so this is a huge plus for us and our sleep! Being able to take the top layer off by using a simple zip method is brilliant as it means any liquids on there get removed with the topper and don't soak into the mattress, which means it's also hygienic.

Tester 3 - Mum and Baby magazine

The overall comfort of this product is excellent, it is soft but not flimsy and generally feels like really good quality and provides great support. I also found that one of the huge benefits to this particular mattress is that it comes with a spare topper meaning it can be easily and quickly changed in the middle of the night, no need to wait for the topper provided to be washed and dried. The crib mattress is also protected even when baby wets as it covered in a waterproof material which is separate from the topper itself.

Tester 4 - Mum and Baby magazine

I would definitely recommend this mattress. It definitely seems comfortable for my baby. It comes with two mattress toppers so can be changed and washed. You can wash them in the machine at 60 degrees so can get rid of bacteria. It also can be used again and again so is good for the environment that is definitely important. I think it's definitely worth it's price in money.

Tester 5 - Mum and Baby magazine

It is made of material that feels of good quality and is soft and silky. It fits well into a Next to me Crib. It comes with a spare mattress protector which is attached with a zip so it is easy to change and is therefore secured on well if your child wiggles a lot. You also don’t have to remove the whole mattress in order to change the mattress protector.

Would You Choose This Mattress Against All Others On The Market?

Tester 1 - Mum and Baby magazine

I would choose this product over all others on the market and choose it to win because it Is excellent value for money £39.99 for the mattress with the topper and a spare topper. The thing that really stands out about this product is that it is TCPP free which is a commonly used flame retardant in foam that has been proven that it could be released into the air which could cause health problems. This product also has safe sleep guidelines on a laminated sheet that came with the mattress that highlights the current advice given to reduce the risk of cot death by the lullaby trust.

Tester 2 - Mum and Baby magazine

Based purely on the ingenuity of the design, I think I would choose this product   cribs/cots that have a more solid base I think this would be top of my list as it would be so easy to change the sheet without removing the entire mattress from the cot.

Tester 3 - Mum and Baby magazine

The main reason I would choose this mattress over others on the market is due to the comfort it gives my daughter this combined with the spare topper provided, it’s breathability and the reasonable price means I think it should win. It is TCPP free which is an added benefit and I can see it wearing well meaning I can use it again if I were to have another child.

Tester 4 - Mum and Baby magazine

I would choose this product I think that the fact it can be reused is fantastic. My baby definitely finds it comfortable. For me I think the fact you have two toppers really puts this product on top as you can keep it clean with ease as other products you have to buy a separate mattress protector but with it being changeable it just makes it easier. I definitely think this product should win.