Fibre and Cot Mattresses

We first looked at this 8 years ago but the fibre was of such poor quality and the mattresses made from it were dreadful we dismissed it

These mattresses gave no support and did not recover. However they are still are being sold in the UK, online and through a chain stores because they are temptingly cheap. However false economy, they give little support last about a  year and end up in landfill.

 But there is a new development HD fibre

 We have just completed  6 months testing on a new Fibre cot mattress.     

 The New HD fibre is exceptional when used with pocket springs and lambswool.  

  • Gives very good support and comfort
  • More breathable than foam
  • Cooler than foam
  • Made from recycled bottles
  • Does not have the initial petroleum smell of foam
  • Lambswool helps to make it warm in winter cooler in summer

HD fibre is not cheaper than foam, but the big plus is - fibre is made from recycled plastic bottles.

 HD fibre  is far better than the standard fibre, however it does not past our very high standards when used on its own as a solid block. 

 As yet nobody makes a mattress using H.D. fibre as a solid block,  the reason being because it is not much cheaper than foam so the cheap lightweight fibre offering little support is used, as it hits a tempting price point.   

 Foam as some of you will know takes a million years to biodegrade.  From my limited research fibre does biodegrade slightly quicker but still thousands of years.

 If you reduce the amount of foam or fibre used and replace with springs then the springs are recyclable.

 when you dispose of a  cot mattress it takes a minute to cut out the metal spring unit  which is 70% of the mattress core and deposit it in the metal recycling bin at most local tips!

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