140 x 70 cm Cot Bed Mattress Nightynite® NaturalStart Coir and Lambswool Easychange Coolmax© & Maxispace Toppers

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140 x 70 Cot Bed Mattress NightyNite® NaturalStart  Coir and Lambswool Base with Easychange Coolmax and  Maxispace Toppers


  • Foam free
  • 2 cm deep luxurious supportive lambswool either side of a firm  6 cm deep natural  coir central core (total 10 cm deep)
  • Easychange Coolmax and Maxispace Toppers 
  • Stockinette wrap
  • Waterproof Safetex washable protective base cover


  • The NightyNite® NaturalStart has a natural coir and lambswool core. completely foam free

  • Each side of the coir there is as 2 cm deep luxurious layer of lambswool .The lambswool is held in place with Stockinette. Lambswool helps to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • The stockinette ensures it is easy to remove your Safetex protective  base cover for machine washing.

  • Safetex protective base cover zips around the whole natural mattress base. it is waterproof and easy wipe clean 

  • The Coolmax and Maxispace toppers zip on to the Safetex base cover these toppers are washable at 60°c and you get a spare toppers (one for the wash)

  • The Coolmax and Maxispace fabric is highly breathable and offers temperature control.

  • The only difference between this mattress and The Dependable is the base. This base does not have any pocket springs in it.  So it is slightly firmer.   

  • All of our cot mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877, BS7177,BS EN 16890:2017+A1:2021 and the recommendations of the Lullaby Trust

If you  require  more information  please phone our Helpline 01299 823223.

The video below demonstrates how the Easychange® cover system works