Travel Cot Mattresses - Why Are The Mattresses So Poor?

Posted by Roger Abrahams on

Travel Cot Mattresses

When you buy a travel cot you will probably not be happy about the mattress that is supplied with the travel cot. You may will feel it is like a brick and looks very uncomfortable for your baby.

The fact is the travel cot would not pass a British Standard if it was supplied with a deep mattress. A deep mattress would be considered as a hand or foot trap between the soft side of the travel cot and the firm side of the mattress.

So we are looking for a balance here to improve the comfort of your travel cot mattress and keep you little one safe. 

At the most a 4 of 5 cm mattress would be safest to lay over the existing travel cot mattress, definitely do not consider anything 7 cm or more that would be risky. too much of a trap especially if your child pulls themselves up and gets a foot between the deep side of a travel cot mattress and the soft side of the travel cot.

However you must be aware how your child sleeps, how the new travel cot mattress fits and of your child pulls itself up in the travel cot. 

It is also vital to ensure your mattress has waterproof protection to the core and a removable washable padded cover. A cover that can be washed at 60°c the temperature require to kill dust mites.

Avoid having the waterproof protection over the top of the cover if you can. Putting a waterproof cover over the top of the mattress with reduce the breathability. better to between the cover and the mattress core. Also it is a plus if the waterproof protection is easy wipe clean


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