The best Cot Mattress

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The Best Cot or Cot Bed Mattress?


 Before Check how every cot mattress compares for these 10 Benefits


1) Safety, 
2)Comfort, Supportive,
4)Waterproof protection
7)Temperature Control
8) Effects on the Environment,
9) Guarantee
10)British Standards

 Are you happy with Foam Foam is a petrochemical compound that has some questionable chemicals added to it because foam has to pass U.K. fire retardant regulations. When foam is new, it needs airing. Foam can have a very strong chemical smell. Just read the complaint reviews about the cheap foam mattresses sold on Amazon. There is a new foam available that is "TCCP free" this means less fire retardant chemicals bust still passes  U.K. fire retardant laws  

2)Comfort, Supportive
Your mattress needs to be firm, that is a health recommendation for a newborn baby.  A firm mattress can still be comfortable made with quality pocket springs that are 6 cm deep and joined by length and width and the  springs encapsulated in coir and lambswool or the correct density of foam. We will discuss the correct spring covering in the topic labeled Durability.  

 3)Hygiene and Waterproof Protection
Your mattress must have waterproof protection to prevent the body fluids (urine and vomit getting to the mattress core because you cannot wash the mattress core;  be it coir and lambswool and springs or foam and springs.

There are two positions for the  waterproof layer:-
a) Over the top of the mattress and under the cotton sheet
b) Under the mattress cover and and over the base.

If you choose option (a) then no air is getting to your baby from the base of the mattress.
If you  choose option (b) you have a  waterproof wipe clean protective cover over the base and a  luxury breathable topper that will zip on to it  when the untimely accident occurs  remove the cotton sheet and just unzip the toppers and replace it with the spare one.  The latter affords more breathability for your baby.   

Breathability and Temperature Control
  The best option for breathability is a Coolmax© and Maxispace topper that  zips on to  protective base cover. These toppers also aid with temperature control Coolmax©  wicks away the heat and Maxispace helps disperse it 

Durability, and   Five Year Guarantee
The Dependable is made with high quality pocket springs, it will not dip nor dent and it is guaranteed for five years. 

Foam is not recyclable, when it goes to landfill it takes a hundreds of thousands of years to biodegrade. With "The Dependable" cot mattress the coir can go to compost,  the wool biodegrades in 6 months in the ground, the metal springs are easily recycled. or they rust in landfill.

Compare all these features and benefits with any other cot mattress in the UK. It has no rival. The Dependable  Cot mattress is the best value for money, works out at £2 a month for The Best Your Baby Can Get.

The down side to "The Dependable" is it is hand made and takes us three days to make it,  unfortunately we cannot do next day delivery. 

The Nghtynite® Easychange® Dependable Cot Mattress, With Coolmax & Maxispace Toppers    The Best A Baby Can Get