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What To Consider When Buying A Baby Mattress

Posted by Roger Abrahams on

Every day newborn babies sleep for an average of 16 hours and children of 3-5 years for an average of 11-13 hours. Babies and young children spend more than half of the first five years of life in a sleep environment. It is also the one place where they are most commonly left unattended for long periods of time.

The decision you make when buying a baby mattress for your child is so important. will your mattress meet these minimum requirements

Safe, Comfortable, Supportive, Easy to keep clean, Hygienic, Durable, Waterproof protection, Breathable, Complies To British Standards. 

You may have other concerns:- 

Natural, coir and lambswool,  Foam free,  Pocket Springs, Spare Covers, (one for the wash). Do you want it to last for more than one baby or 4/5 years in a cot bed or maybe occasional use at the grandparents?

Your personal needs all go into the decision pot and out the other end comes a mattress you are confident to trust your new precious addition to your family in.

With the growing concern about our planets resources, recycling and biodegradable components will this too influence your buying decision? 

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