Fibre and Foam in Baby Mattresses

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Hundreds of Thousands of Baby Mattress are going to landfill  unnecessary

Currently hundreds of thousands of baby mattress are going to landfill every year unnecessary.  We are sold components that do not last, It is false economy and not good for your baby - here is why.

Foam Mattresses
  95% of cot mattress made in the UK are made with a standard of foam that will  pass the British Standard.

Foam as a product does not like heat weight and damp it makes foam sink and dip. Heat weight and damp is exactly what a baby is, The poorer the quality of the foam the more it succumbs to Heat weight and damp, it dips and sinks and then does not give good support and  then is probably replaced.
It does not really matter if the mattress is a solid block of foam or sprung the effects are the same.
If it is a sprung cot mattress the foam above the springs can only be 2 cm deep (because the springs are 6 cm and you cant have a mattress deeper than 10 cm or it will fail the British Standard ) 2 cm foam on top  + 6 cm springs in the middle  + 2 cm foam on bottom = 10 cm

2 cm of foam will not take the punishment of 13 hours a day. Possibly  after less than a year you will see dents and dips and this affects the support your baby is given. and the mattress is off to landfill.

It is a whole different story if your mattress is made from a higher grade foam. It will not dip nor dent it will resist weight, heat and damp, it will last at least for 5 years as a cot bed and several uses in a cot.
Furthermore every minute your baby sleeps on it  will be a  more supportive and a more comfortable nights sleep.

 When you have finished with the cot,   If the mattress  is in good condition, wrap  the mattress  in the plastic bag it came in and store it away with the cot. another child could benefit  

If you have bought a mattress that has waterproof protection so no body fluids can get to the core.  The covers on top of the waterproof protector are machine washable at 60°c. Then your mattress should be as good as the day you bought it and good to use again.

Foam will go yellow (oxidisation) as time goes bye. This does not affect the performance of the foam.

When you throw foam into landfill it takes a million years to biodegrade. Scary eh! 

If you do  throw your mattress away an it  has springs cut them out they can be recycled.

Are you thinking that this blog is not good for the Cot Mattress Company business ? 

Actually to e honest it is, because we sell the best baby mattress in the U.K . Before you buy a cot mattress  if it has foam demand  at least 33 kilo (30/150) or 50 kilo (50 /215) you will probably find you cant buy better than 28 (24/130).


Its a similar story with fibre, called eco fibre. There are two types of fibre. One quality you can buy a cot mattress for under £35 OK  for occasional use, lucky if you get 6 decent months out of it.
Or you can buy high-density fibre with pockets springs for £99.00 and it will last 5 years and give a well supported sleep.

The big plus with using fibre is that it is made form recycled plastic bottles. 














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