Should I Use A Cot Mattress Protector

Posted by Roger Abrahams on

If you use a cot mattress protector it will not be fully breathable, it can't be of it would not protect the mattress.  A waterproof protector will increase the chances of your baby overheating as no air will get to your baby.

If you have an Easychange® cot mattress the core of the mattress is protected fully by a separate waterproof machine washable wipe clean Safetex cover.

Around the top of the Safetex cover is a perimeter zip that takes a Coolmax© and MaxiSpace topper.

The  Coolmax© topper will wick away excess heat, the MaxiSpace backing will disperse it . This topper holds a huge amount of air and offers maximum breathability.

You also get a second topper, a godsend for those inevitable night-time accidents;-

Zip off the wet topper and zip on the dry one ( wipe the Safetex protector, in the unlikely event  the spills have gone through.



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