Baby Mattresses Should We Use Memory Foam

Posted by Roger Abrahams on

Memory foam for a  babies mattress,  Yes or No 

At The Cot Mattress Company we would never use memory foam in a baby mattress

Memory foam is much hotter than standard CMHR foam and the one thing we all know is it is important for a baby not to overheat.

Memory foam will mound to your babies shape. This makes it more difficult for your baby to turn over.

memory foam has different chemicals to standard foam these are  more complex. Their toxicity is unproven in baby mattresses

Memory foam may cause pooling, a baby's head can get moulded to the shape in the foam.  When a baby breaths out carbon dioxide it can sit in the dip the baby’s head has created in the memory foam. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air,  babies are shallow breathers and the risk is your baby is breathing in less oxygen and more carbon dioxide in a poorly ventilated room.

Companies selling memory foam mattresses foam say the advantage of memory foam is it is softer and more comfortable!

However the the advice from 1989 from the Lullaby Trust  has been “sleep your baby on a firm mattress on their backs. 

Consider a firm foam base with a waterproof protector  around it, covered by a  breathable spacer cover or topper to give a extra comfort and maximum airflow.

Memory foam great for very senior citizens but in our opinion not for babies

It is possible to buy memory foam that is very firm and will support a babies weight.  So you remove the risk of it sinking and pooling, but not the the problem of the extra heat and unknown toxicity.  Then no advantage in using it! 


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