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The mattress that comes with your brand new Moses basket is always of a very basic quality. It is the design and the price that sells the Moses basket! 
Ironic really considering the most important part of the Moses basket is the comfort and safety of your baby. 

A Moses basket could be in use for  up to about five months.  Your baby's first 1000 hours. It is worth getting a mattress where you are confident it affords:- safety  comfort, support, breathability and hygiene.

 A real advantage if you have a Moses basket mattress with a machine washable breathable cover and waterproof protection to the core of the mattress.  

When the Moses basket fitted sheet gets soiled, the spillage may go through to the Moses basket mattress cover. 

You can remove the cover for washing and the mattress protector underneath will prevent any body fluids  getting  to the mattress core. This protection is vital whether the mattress base is foam or natural.

 If you buy or have a waterproof cover to go on top of your mattress cover your baby will be getting little or no air circulation. The same applies if you have a Moses basket mattress with a PVC sealed cover, the type that comes with some Moses baskets.

Natural or Foam  Base

The advantage of a natural base made of coir and lambswool is that it is slightly  deeper and gives more support, and of course it is a natural product as opposed to a petroleum base one.

Moses Basket Covers

To be in keeping with the natural theme of the Moses basket mattress we supply an Outlux natural cover to our natural Moses basket mattress. This cover is  92% cotton and 8% PU.

The PU layer is sandwiched in between the two cotton layers to give total; waterproof protection. As only 8% of the cover is PU we can legally call it a natural fabric. 

We would not supply a 100% totally natural cover like cotton, it would not  be 100%  waterproof.  it is vital to protect the mattress core be it foam or coir and lambswool.

On our foam mattresses we fit either microfibre or Coolmax© and Maxispace covers, both are breathable and will wick away heat but the Coolmax© and Maxispace also offers temperature control. We fit a waterproof liner under these covers, because they are not waterproof, but they are fully breathable. 

If you wish we will fit a Coolmax© and Maxispace cover over a natural mattress with a waterproof liner. This gives you all the breathability and more luxury padded cover and your Moses basket mattress will be foam free but the cover is not natural.
If you want Coolmax© and Maxispace as a Moses basket mattress cover plus the waterproof liner instead of Outlux we are happy to make this for you at no extra cost, please give us a ring on 01299 823223. or if we have totally confused you here and you wish to discuss it!

The environment, landfill, and biodegradable. 
The natural mattress of coir and lambswool will biodegrade more easily than foam, the coir will biodegrade in a matter of months but foam will take thousands of years. 

Good for the environment to have a Moses basket mattress with waterproof protection and that allows you to keep the covers clean. You may use this mattress again safely. Much better than sending cheap mattresses that you cannot keep hygienic to landfill.


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