Travel Cot Mattresses

Travel Cot Mattresses With A Separate Liner And A Microfibre Cover

When you buy a travel cot it comes with a padded base, this is the only way it would pass a British Standard. Most parents feel the base is too hard and not padded enough and wish to buy another mattress.

The travel cot has soft sides, if you put a thick 10 cm deep mattress up against the side of the travel cot you could create a trap between the soft side of the travel cot and the deep side of the mattress. The risk increases if your toddler can pull themselves up and their foot slips between the mattress and the travel cot netting

It is understandable that you wish to improve your baby's comfort but safer to choose a mattress no deeper than 4 - 5 cm

Our travel cot mattresses are available in the three main sizes 104 x 71 x 5cm, 119 x 59cm and 93 x 66 cm.

5 cm deep

28 CMHR foam for excellent support

Highly Breathable

Separate easy wipe clean protective waterproof liner

Removable machine washable microfibre covers washable at 60°c

Roll up for travel,; more comfortable than a split base.