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Easychange® Cot Mattress - Sprung with Blue Top Foam - Coolmax© & MaxiSpace Topper - 2 Sizes

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NightyNite® Easychange® Superstart Cot Mattress Plus Two Coolmax & Maxispace Topper 


  • Bonnell sprung cot mattress encapsulated  in "Blue Top" foam .
  • Entire core is wrapped in stockinette fabric.
  • Safetex zip-on washable protective base cover.
  • Luxury quilted Coolmax© and Maxispace topper that zips onto the Safetex  protective base cover.
  • Box Packed


  • The outstanding benefit of our "Easychange" cot mattress design - you just zip off the soiled topper and zip on a clean one. A Godsend for those untimely accidents..  
  • Our "Blue Top" foam that encapsulates the Bonnell sprung base is CMHR 30/150. This is a higher grade than found in most other sprung cot mattresses available today. "Blue Top" foam supported by Bonnell springs, offers more comfort, support and durability and resists dipping or denting. (What difference does the best foam make)
  • The  separate Safetex zip-on waterproof protective cover is  easy-wipe-clean, it fully protects the mattress core, The toppers zip on to this cover.
  • The Safetex base cover and toppers will machine wash at 60°c - the temperature required to kill dust mites
  • A luxury quilted Coolmax© and MaxiSpace topper zips on easily to the Safetex protective easy wipe clean base cover. 

  • The Safetex base cover and toppers will machine wash at 60°c - the temperature required to kill dust mites.
    • The MaxiSpace bonded to the COOLMAX® is a 3D fabric which provides constant air circulation, maximum breathability and temperature control, as well as shock absorption and heat/water reduction.
    • The COOLMAX® & Maxi-Space topper is machine washable at 60°C, the temperature needed to kill dust mites.
    • All of our cot mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877 and BS7177.
    • The sprung core contains no added antimony or phosphorous as recommended by the Lullaby trust. 
    • We have stopped using heavy duty plastic wrapping for packaging in favour of a recyclable cardboard box. It's better for the environment and your mattress arrives in perfect condition too!
          • The Easychange; -  Total waterproof protection, full breathabilty   easy- change-toppers - comfortable and durable. Why buy any other Mattress?