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Natural Cot Mattress - Two EasyChange® Outlux Toppers

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NightyNite NaturalStart Easychange Cot Mattress

No other natural cot mattress has all these benefits  


  • Foam free
  • Lambswool and coir central core
  • Stockinette wrap
  • Natural cotton calico base cover
  • Two waterproof natural Outlux toppers (one for the wash)


  • The NightyNite® NaturalStart has a natural coir and  lambswool core.  

  • One side has a double layer of lambswool over the coir and one side with a single layer of Lambswool. This gives you a choice of a med-firm sleep side or a firm sleep side. 

  • Lambswool offers a luxury feel, and helps to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • The core is surrounded by stockinette, makes removing and replacing the base cotton cover much so easier for washing.

  • Outlux topper zips on to the  base cover.

  • Outlux this is a three layer fabric which consists of two layers of natural brushed cotton with a minute film of PU sandwiched in between. The PU makes the cover waterproof. As the percentage of PU is so small, (less than 8% of the fabric) Outlux is classed as a natural fabric.
  • Two Outlux Easychange® toppers with every cot mattress,  (one for the wash).

  • Outlux is washable at 60°C (The temperature needed to kill dust mites). but has to be dried on a very light tumble to avoid shrinkage
  • All of our cot  mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations of the Lullaby Trust

  • 5 year Guarantee.


  • NB  with a Nightynite® cot mattress  you do not have to buy any further waterproof protection.  Outlux protects your mattress