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Nightynite® Coir and Lambswool Crib Mattress With Two Easychange Toppers Available In 5 Sizes

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Foam Free Coir and Lambswool Crib Mattress With Two Easychange® Toppers



  • Foam Free Lambswool and coir base  
  • Natural base wrapped in  stockinette fabric.
  • Safetex zip-on washable protective base cover.
  • Two Luxury quilted microfibre toppers that zip on to the Safetex base cover.
  • Box Packed.


  • The outstanding benefit of our "Easychange" foam free  crib mattress design - you just zip off the wet topper and zip on a the clean dry one

  •  This crib mattress base is foam free made from natural coir and lambswool.

  • You can choose a med-firm or firm side for your baby, one side of the  mattress has a double layer of lambswool.
  • Safetex zip-on washable cover protects the mattress core from those little accidents. The luxury quilted microfibre topper zips on easily to the Safetex waterproof base cover.

  • The Safetex Base cover is easy wipe clean,  in the unlikely even urine gets though the microfibre topper.
  • Two toppers with each mattress zip (one for the wash) 
  • The Safetex base cover and toppers will machine wash at 60°c - the temperature required to kill dust mites.

  • Microfibres have a much higher number of air chambers and tiny pores, allowing the skin to breathe and the body to regulate temperature more easily.

  • Anti static - prevents the build up of static electricity.

  • All of our mattresses conform to British Standards BS EN 16890: 2017

  • We have moved away from heavy duty plastic outer wrap in the favour of a recyclable cardboard box. Your crib mattress arrives in perfect condition and better for the environment too.

 The Easychange; - Why buy any other crib mattress?