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The NightyNite® Natural Crib Mattress with Outlux Cover - 7 Sizes

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Luxurious Natural Crib Mattress:- Coir and Lambswool, Soft  Cotton Outlux  Waterproof Protective Cover - Best for Baby


  • Coir and lambswool base hand-made in Worcestershire. 
  • Double layer of lambswool on side one and single on the other
  • Outlux protective cover
  • Cover has full zip - machine washable at 60°c


  • Coir and lambswool  base enclosed in stockinette makes it easy to remove the cover for washing 

  • The double layer of lambswool on one side and a single on the other offers a choice of firm or medium-firm sleep.

  • Outlux cover is waterproof- it is a three layer fabric, Two layers of brushed cotton with a ultra thin layer of Pu in the centre giving Outlux its waterproof properties

  • As  the waterproof centre layer of Pu within Outlux is less than 8%. Outlux is still regarded as a natural fabric. 

  •  Outlux is double sided so the crib mattress is reversible. The cover is machine washable at 60°c. 

  • All of our mattresses conform to British standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations The Lullaby Trust

  • Dispatched in cardboard box, in place of  heavy duty plastic wrap. We have reduced our total plastic usage by over 70% so far.