140 x 70 cm NightyNite® Sleepeezi Cot Bed Mattress, COOLMAX© & MaxiSpace Cover, Plus Waterproof Protector, Reduced

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The NightyNite® Sleepeezi 140 x 70 cm Foam Cot Bed Mattress  Coolmax® & Maxispace Cover plus waterpoof protector  

  • Features

    • Firm, supportive comfortable, durable waterproof, hygienic
    •  Coolmax© & Maxispace classic cover 
    • Comes with a seperate waterproof cover


  • This is a Fantasic offer, The reason is we are switching all mattresses to the  Easychange  design but we still have a few  Coolmax and Maxispace  classic covers left
  • The Coolmax and Maxispace cover is gorgeous. it offers Breathability,  Temperature control and extra comfort,  Three sideds zip, easy to remove and  washable at 60°c 

  • With this mattress comes a seperate high quality fitted waterproof cover

  • This cover will fit over the Coolmax and maxispace  or under it.  there are advantages in doing either.  Fit it over the top of the cover for instance protection against  those leakages.   fir it Under the cover and you maximise on the temerature control of the Coolmax and Maxispace cover and still protect the foam core.