140 x 70 cm NightyNite® Safer "TCPP Free" Cot Bed Mattress Pocket Springs, Easychange® COOLMAX© @ Maxispave Toppers

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"TCCP FREE" High Quality Pocket Sprung  Cot Bed Mattress.Easychange® COOLMAX© @ Maxispave Toppers

Out TCCP FREE foam is a higher grade "50 /130 than used by  all other cot mattress manufacturers. For a year now have been trialing a new foam that exceeds anything we have seen for 20 years,

Excells in Safety, Comfort, Durability. Waterproof Protection, Breathability, Temperature Control, Environment. Maintain Hygiene Standards.

The pocket springs are encapsulated in"TCPP FREE" Foam.

TCPP(tris (1-chloro-2-propyl) phosphate) is toxic chemical used as a flame retardant in foam. it has been linked to adverse effects on the nervous system and thyroid.

Vita have developed and new way of fireproofing foam without the use of TCPP and greatly improving the quality of the foam "less smell and excellent recovery more comfort"

All of our cot mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877, BS7177,

BS EN 16890:2017+A1:2021

The New "TCPP FREE" foam has a gorgeous feel. It has a welcoming initial lie, wonderful support and instant recovery back to its original shape. The best quality foam we have seen for many years.

Foam reacts poorly to heat weight and damp (which is what a baby is!) These three conditions affects the foam and makes it dip and dent. This does not happen with the New TCPP FREE foam. This foam will give years of excellent support.

To comply with the 10 cm British Standard cot mattress depth there is only enough room for a 2 cm; foam to cover a 6 cm quality pocket spring. 2 cm of TCPP FREE foam will give continued support as your baby develops into being an athletic toddler. You will not be buying another mattress for your cot bed. This is a mattress built to last.

The photo below shows the density of TCPP FREEfoam we use. No other cot mattress in the UK uses such a high quality foam

Best Cot Mattress TCCP Free

Waterproof Protection
It is absolutely vital that the core if the mattress stays dry. To achieve this we cover the TCPP FREEfoam pocket sprung base with a waterproof easy wipe clean Safetex base cover, this cover can be removed and machine washed.

Best cot Mattress With Protective Safetex Base Cover


 Temperature Control

On top of the Safetex cover zips a Coolmax© and Maxispace topper. This luxurious Toppers offers temperature control and helps to avoid your baby from over-heating. The Coolmax© wicks away excess heat and the Maxispace helps disperses the heat.

The luxury  Coolmax and Maxispace topper fabric holds a significant amount of air it is highly breathable, Do not cover it with a waterproof sheet . All the protection needed for the core is supplied by the Safetex cover below.

Best Cot Mattress showing Coolmax© and Maxispace topper zipping to Safetex base   Best Cot Mattress with Coolmax© and Maxispace Topper  Fitted

Maintaining hygiene standards

 When the inevitable accident happens, if the topper get soiled just unzip it and put it in the wash.   Wipe the Safetex cover. Use Milton or equivalent anti bacterial  product.  Then just zip on the spare Coolmax and Maxispace topper provided.

Your lovely TCPP FREE foam, pocket sprung mattress with the spare Coolmax and Maxispace topper.

Best Cot Mattress with Coolmax© and Maxispace Topper Fitted


We are all changing  the ways we look after our planet and one way to do this is to buy a mattress that will last for many babies. Rather than a cheap mattress  that you will need to buy two at least for a five year stint.