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Toddler Mattress With Spare Coolmax Covers

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The NightyNite® Excellence Toddler Mattress Save £90 

  • NightyNite® Excellence Toddler Mattress offers unparalleled support and comfort for your baby.   Five Year guarantee 

  • You will not find another mattress in the UK that offers more

  • Pocket sprung core encased in the highest quality CMHR 50 foam. Virtually all other quality cot bed mattresses use a 28 CMHR foam.  or they call it nursery foam! It is the foam that takes the initial weight of your baby or toddler, not the pocket springs. Our high density 50 CMHR (50/215) foam will not dip or dent. This mattress will give at least 20,000 hours of supportive comfortable sleep.

  • The 200 pocket springs work independently in conjunction with the high quality foam to provide excellent support to each individual pressure point of the body. Especially the neck, back, head and legs, whilst also preventing rolling to the side of the cot bed.

  • The springs are protected with a Corovin wrap and the foam is surrounded by a  quality stockinette fabric to make removing the cover easier and helps to reduce noise and static.

  • Under the cover and over the stockinette wrap we place a waterproof protective liner this can be easily wiped clean in the unlikely event fluid gets through the cover.

  • The toddler mattress cover has a top surface which is made up of a combination of Coolmax© and Maxi-Space.

  • Coolmax© has been designed specifically to regulate body temperature and wick away heat, helps to prevent your child from getting too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

  • Maxispace is a 3D fabric which provides constant air circulation and unlimited breathability, along with shock absorption and heat/water reduction making it an ideal sleep surface for your baby.

  • Coolmax© and Maxispace is washable at 60°C (The temperature needed to kill dust mites).

  • This is the most durable foam and pockets sprung cot bed mattress you will find anywhere in the UK

All of our cot mattresses conform to New Standards  EN 16890 and  the recommendations of the Lullaby Trust.

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