76 x 36 cm Moses Basket Mattress Natral coir and Wool Base With Coolmax© & Maxispace Cover

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76 x 36 cm Moses Basket Mattress:- Coir and Lambswool, Coolmax Maxispace cover, Waterproof Protection

Your will baby will probably use a Moses basket for approximately 1000 hours. Moses Basket mattreses that are sold with Moses baskets are mostly of a very basic quality. Our Nightynite® mattresses offer the best in safety, support  and comfort


  • 76 x 36 cm Coir and lambswool base hand-made in Worcestershire.
  • Double layer of lambswool on both sides 
  • Coolmax© & Maxispace is a fully breathable cover
  • Cover has full zip - machine washable at 60°c
  • Waterproof protection under Coolmax cover


  • This Nightynite Moses basket mattress is gorgeous you will love it. you will feel confirdent and happy to lie your baby on it. 

  • Coir and lambswool base enclosed in stockinette makes it easy to remove the cover for washing offers

  • Double Layer  of lambswool mean you can you use both sides. of your mattress

  • Coolmax© & Maxispace is a special cover that is highly breathable and offers temperature control

  • There is a waterproof wipeable liner between the Coolmax© & Maxispace cover and the natural base mattress core

  • All of our mattresses conform to British standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations The Lullaby Trust

  • PLEASE READ - "Buy with informed choice"

  • The advantage of  Coolmax© and Maxispace is that it is a highly breathable luxury cover that offers temperature control. However it is NOT natural and NOT waterproof.

  • If you choose Coolmax we will fit a waterproof liner under the cover to protect the lambswool and coir but not to interfere with the breathable properties of the Coolmax and Maxispace cover.

  • The core will still be foam free and made from natural coir and lambswool

  • If you want a fully natural mattress then choose the same mattress with a  Outlux cover, the cover is  93% natural and fully waterproof but NOT 100% fully breathable, if this matters to you?

  •  It is not possible to have a 100 % totally natural fabric that is 100% waterproof and fully breathable, (whatever anybody tells you )

  • NightyNite® - Its the quality that makes us different

  • All our 76 x 36 cm mattresses offer waterproof protection no further purchase is necessary.