Winter Sale. Eco 140 x 70 Cot Mattress Pocket Springs Fibre & Lambswool, Two Coolmax©Covers

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Foam Free Eco Fibre Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress Two Coolmax® and Maxispace Cover 140 x 70  worth save £80

We developed this cot mattress as a response to the growing concern over the planets resources, We have used HD fibre made from recycled plastic bottles plus lambswool for extra comfort. This is a gorgeous supportive safe mattress and a great deal with two Coolmax© and Maxispace covers


  • "Foam Free: Pocket springs encapsulated in high density fibre and topped with lambswool.

  • Separate waterproof liner protecting the lambswool and coir.

  •  Two  Luxury Coolmax© and Maxispace covers (one for the wash)

  • Benefits

    High density fibre is a new development that can compete with the durability of the best quality foam. HD fibre is not to be confused with normal fibre used in baby mattresses that will dip and sink after a few months usage.

  • The advantages of H.D. fibre is that it does not have the petro-chemical smell of foam, it is cooler and more breathable than foam. HD fibre is a very new development, not to be confused with most other fibres used in baby mattresses that will show signs of dipping after a few months usage.

  • The  HD fibre is topped with lambswool to give the mattress a lovely comfortable feel. Lambswool is warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • This  cot mattress has a waterproof Safetex liner and a quilted Coolmax© and Maxispace cover

  • COOLMAX© has been designed specifically to regulate body temperature and wick away heat, helps to prevent your child from getting too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

  •  The pocket springs work individually to give a more comfortable posture controlled sleep as your baby gets heavier. pocket Springs also last longer than mini-bonnell units

  • Wrapping the fibre and lambswool core in stockinette fabric allows you to easily remove the Coolmax© & MaxiSpace cot mattress cover for machine washing.

  • All of our cot mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations of The Lullaby Trust.

  • NightyNite ® Its the best a baby can get