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Sprung Cot Mattress - Safetex Protective Liner - Sea-Flower Cover

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Sprung Cot Mattress - Protective Liner - Quilted Cover


  • Mini Bonnel sprung unit. encapsulated in higher grade "Blue Top Foam"
  • Cot Mattress sprung unit is wrapped in stockinette fabric. - reduces static
  • Waterproof protective liner fitted over the stockinette fabric and under the Sea-flower cover to allow maximum breathability yet full waterproof protection Luxury quilted polyester quilted cover with full zip.


  • Our "Blue Top" foam. that encapsulated the Bonnel springs is 30/150.  This is a much higher grade than found in most other quality sprung cot mattresses, (24/130). This higher quality foam will  afford more  support, comfort and be more durable, it will resist  dipping and denting,
  • Wrapping the sprung unit in stockinette fabric reduces static and accommodates the Safetex protective liner. Waterproof liner protects the cot mattress core yet allowing maximum airflow.

  • The cover is made of  quilted polyester - - breathable will machine wash at 60°c - the temperature required to kill dust mites.

  • All of our cot mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877 and BS7177.

  • The sprung core contains no added antimony or phosphorous as recommended by the Lullaby trust.

  • We have ceased using heavy duty plastic outer wrap in the favour of a  recyclable cardboard box. Better for the environment and your mattress arrives in perfect condition!