120 x 60 cm NightyNite® Budget Eco Fibre Cot Mattress 29.99

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120 x 60 x 10cm  Ultra Eco Fibre Cot Mattress -with quilted microfibre cover   Half Price Amazing Value

  • Zipped Hypoallergenic quilted Microfibre cover that is  water resistant  washable at 60°c the temperature require to kill dust mites

  • Ultra fibre is cooler than most foams No petroleum smell and breathable

  • High density fibre is  MUCH cheaper than foam hence its recent popularity.  It is initially supportive but does not have the longevity of  quality foam  

  • Good for the environment made from  recycled plastic bottles 

  • Fibre is NOT as durable  as most TOP quality foams. It does not recover like  top qualiy foam. If fibre suits your pocket then to get the most out of it turn the mattress frequently. 
  • Conforms to British Standards

  • Boxed packed and free delivery