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120 x 60 cm NightyNite® Budget Eco Fibre Cot Mattress

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120 x 60 Ultra Eco Fibre Cot Mattress - Very Special Budget Price


  • Ultra Eco Fibre core
  • 9.5 cm deep
  • Stockinette wrap allows cover to be easily removed
  • Machine washable water resistant cover
  • Very special price budget price


  • This Ultra fibre is 9.5 cm deep It is the minimum depth you should consider in Eco fibre to have a supportive mattress   
  • Eco Fibre is cheaper than foam
  • Eco fibre is cooler than foam
  • Eco fibre does not give off a petroleum smell
  • Eco fibre is not as durable as our high quality  nursery foam and to ensure you get maximum wear from your mattress, turn your mattress  at least twice a week
  •  This is a very special budget price and we are offering free delivery and it comes  boxed packed