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112 x 55 cm "Fully Natural" Cot Mattress - Coir and Lambswool, Natural Outlux Waterproof Cover

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112 x 55 cm fully Natural - NightyNite® NaturalStart cot mattress,  Coir  base  and deep layer of  wool, Waterproof Outlux Cover 


  • Outlux natural waterproof cover you do not need to buy any further waterproof protection
  • Foam free
  • 2CM deep luxurious supportive lambswool either side of a firm  6 cm deep natural  coir central core (total 10 cm deep)
  • Stockinette wrap


  • The NightyNite® NaturalStart has a natural coir and lambswool core. completely foam free

  • Each side of the coir there is as 2 cm deep luxurious layer of lambswool .The lambswool is held in place with Stockinette. Lambswool helps to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • The stockinette ensures it is easy to remove your Outlux cover for machine washing.

  • This full Outlux cover zips over all the natural base making your mattress double sided and easy to turn.

  • Outflux  is a three layer fabric which consists of two layers of natural brushed cotton with a minute film of PU sandwiched in between. The PU makes the cover waterproof. As the percentage of PU is so small, (less than 8% of the fabric) Outlux is classed as a natural fabric.

  • Outlux is washable at 60°C (The temperature needed to kill dust mites). but dry  on a cool  tumble to avoid shrinkage.

  • The down side of Outlux is while it is natural and waterproof it is NOT fully breathable. 
    If breathability is important in your list of wants for your cot mattress we can swop the Outlux cover for you  (at no extra cost) for a Safetex base cover and two microfibre zip on toppers   just add this in the request box in your shopping basket  or phone our helpline  on  01299 823223

  • All of our cot mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877, BS7177, BS EN 16890:2017 

  • 5 year Guarantee.

  • NB with The Outlux cover you do not have to buy any further waterproof protection.